Jeff Regnier


Jeff Regnier is a Conservative Republican, a father and a strong supporter of our Constitution. He is a small business owner who has built his business to provide a better future for his children, meanwhile providing well-paying jobs to the community. He started working construction building parks in low-income neighborhoods. At 23 years old, he worked a second job for General Motors as a mechanic to provide for his four children as a single father. To Jeff, it’s about family. A lifelong resident of Chicago, Jeff comes from a strong family upbringing. His father is a Chicago Police Officer and his brother is a Chicago Fireman, with many other family members in the military. To provide a better future for his children, Jeff started a construction company when he was 32. Continuing to build parks in low-income neighborhoods and offering many jobs to those in need.


As a father of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls, Jeff wants what’s best for his family. That’s by working hard and by serving the community. Doing work for churches, the United Way and other non for profit organizations. Just recently Jeff has entered into a partnership with a Church of Faith in Chicago to assist in minority outreach and voter registration. Sponsoring community events to reach out and help families. Donating his time helping local food banks and supporting veteran causes. It’s about giving back to the community.Jeff knows the struggles of being without. At 23 years old with 4 little children, he knew the hardship of struggling to pay the bills and to feed his children. For a time to help him get by, he was even reviewing public assistance. Through hard work and persistence, Jeff provided for his family and started his businesses including a gun store he opened in New Lenox, Illinois.


Jeff opened Kee Firearms and Training because he is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Jeff believes in the right of gun ownership and concealed carry. A lifelong member of the NRA and IRA, Jeff is against limits on gun ownership, including the FOID card. As a business owner, Jeff provides a free service to all, so they may have the ability to conceal carry and understand gin safety. Jeff provides free gun training to hundreds of people every month. Many cannot afford gun training, and that is why Jeff is providing this service to the public. Jeff has offered this free service to over 8,000 gun owners, saving them 2 million dollars in fees alone. He also provides information to the public about new gun laws and what can be done to protect their 2nd Amendment freedoms. Jeff also works with the Police and other law enforcement agencies to provide them at a low cost the tools they need to do their jobs.


Jeff knows service, and he will work hard to give you the representation that you deserve. To give the voice you need. Jeff will fight hard to provide better care for our seniors and veterans. The forgotten ones. He believes no parent should have to bury their child. That is why his plan includes prevention versus intervention. Educating our kids on the dangers of drugs and violence. Jeff supports the Police. He will fight the drug Cartels, cutting the flow of money, drugs, and guns, contributing to gang violence and homicides in Illinois and America. It’s time to provide education and job placement for single parents from home. We need better low-cost healthcare and the right to try. Jeff will lower your taxes and bring back the jobs. Jeff supports the Union Workers, and he will protect their pensions. We need to rebound the economy for a better America, and Jeff has a plan to do just that!


It’s time we rebuild Illinois and America. Everyone deserves a shot to have a great paying job and the possibility of homeownership. This can be done. Vote Jeff Regnier for Congress, 1st district to shake up our state and this great nation. It’s about our kids. To provide them with a plan for future economic prosperity and security. To lower gas prices and be energy efficient by using American resources and not other nations. To project a powerful military to protect our shores. For a stronger border to cut off the flow of fentanyl that is contributing to hundreds of thousands of overdoses including Police Officers that are exposed to the drug. Your vote is your voice. Let’s hear you at the ballot box so that together we can Save America!


Jeff Regnier

Candidate for Congress 

1st District


Cutting Government Out & Keeping Businesses Open

Cutting Bureaucratic Red Tape

When Jeff tried to open a local gun store, government red tape tried to put him out of business. He will fight to ensure the same doesn’t happen to others.

Supporting Local Job Creators

Jeff knows all too well the hurdles business owners face on a daily basis and will work hard to make it easier to start and grow a business here at home.

Preserving the American Dream

From offering free conceal-carry classes to help keep us safe, to making it easier to provide for our families, Jeff will proudly fight for the American Dream.

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Team Jeff

We are so grateful to all of you who have stood with us and helped build this movement. Together, we’ve built something incredible – and we’re just getting started.